No Appointment Necessary


Signature Service Oil Change $39.99

Oil change with quality Mobil Oil (up to 6 quarts), install new filter, lubricate chassis, check and fill most fluids, vacuum interior floors, inflate tires to proper pressure, check all lights.

Mobil High Mileage Motor Oil$59.99

Kendall Blended Synthetic Motor Oil$79.99

Mobil Super & Kendall Synthetic Motor Oil$69.99

Mobil 1 Motor Oil$99.99

* You receive a FREE Hoffman Exterior Car Wash with every Signature Service Oil Change.
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New York State Inspections $10.00 - $21.00


Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange $149.99 - $199.99

T-Tech technology allows us to remove virtually all of your vehicle's old fluid and replace it with a high quality brand automatic transmission fluid.


Antifreeze/Coolant Replacement $109.99

We evacuate and refill your vehicle's cooling system with new antifreeze/coolant.


Fuel Injection Cleaning $99.99

Service cleans intake manifold, fuel injectors, and exhaust valves.


Serpentine Belt Replacement $79.99


Tire Rotation $24.99


Fuel Filter Replacement $69.99

NAPA Batteries from $109.99


Air Filter Replacement from $19.99


Light Replacement from $9.99


Cabin Air Filter Replacement from $34.99


Wiper Replacement from $14.99


Power Steering Fluid Exchange $79.99


Gear Box $79.99 each


Brake Service

- Free Brake Inspection
- Brake Pad (or Shoe) replacement
- Brake Fluid Replacement
*Available in our Guilderland Jiffy Lube location
- Brake Rotor (or Drum) Machining Service
*Available in our Guilderland Jiffy Lube location

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